Astro Physics Models 400, 600E, and others
6 ¼"
Astro Physics Models 800, 900, and others
8 ¼"
Astro Physics 1200, and others
8 ¼" with 10 ¼" O.D. adapter ring welded on the top of the pier
Celestron German Equatorial CG11, CG14, CM1100, CM1400, and CI-700, and others
Losmandy G11, GM8, and others
Losmandy GM200, HGM200, and others
Meade LXD600, LXD650, LXD700,LXD750, and others
Meade Starfinder German Equatorial in 6", 8",10", and others
4 ¼"
Meade Starfinder 16" German Equatorial Mount, and others
6 ¼"
Mountain Instruments MI-250
8 ¼"
Paramount GT-1100
8 ¼"
Vixen GP, GPE, GP-DX, and others

The mounting piers for the Meade Starfinder telescopes have marker plates for azimuth adjustment. This is done directly on the pier. In addition, there are three lock-down screws to hold this position permanently, so your telescope alignment in azimuth will only have to be performed once. However, if you wish to remove your telescope mount, your marker plates will still be in place; thereby, offering an accurate future reference of azimuth to facilitate replacement of your German equatorial mount.

The Astro Physics and other similar German equatorial mounts have a built-in azimuth adjuster on them. These mounts do not adjust in azimuth on the top of our pier by rotation in the same manner as the Starfinders. On the piers for these types of mounts, the bolt-hole pattern matches the bolt-hole pattern of the German equatorial mount and is bolted in solid. Azimuth adjustment is then done as per the German equatorial mount manufacturer's instructions.


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