6" x 8" Accessory Shelf

6" x 8" Shelf with Eyepiece Holes
The accessory shelves are exactly the same, except that one has eyepiece holes and the other does not. The eyepiece shelf is available in three different eyepiece configurations: 1) one will hold two 2" eyepieces and seven 1-1/4" eyepieces, 2) another will hold four 2" eyepieces and three 1-1/4" eyepieces, and 3) one will hold five 2" eyepieces and two 1-1/4" eyepieces. All shelves are zinc-chromated and painted flat black to reduce glare. These particular shelves are kept in stock for delivery on demand. The shelves come with a mounting bracket along with screws for mounting the shelf to the bracket and the bracket to the pier. When a shelf is ordered, we will drill and tap the holes for mounting the shelf in virtually any location desired on the side of the pier.

Electrical Outlet
The electrical outlet is weatherproof and is mounted onto the side of the pier using the accompanying machine screws. The base plate of the pier has a 3" hole in the center allowing the electrical wiring to be inserted up through the vertical tube to the electrical outlet.
Azimuth Adjuster
The Azimuth Adjuster is only for use with our Polaris mounts. It is available as an option on our Professional Grade pier and is a standard item with our Aurora Model pier. The Professional Grade piers are pre-drilled and tapped to accept the Azimuth Adjuster in case you decide to add it later.

Other options are available, including touch-up paint, extra mounting hardware, hooks, etc. We now offer an additional accessory shelf, 11" x 12", nice for laptops.


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